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Explore Ronnefeldt LeafCup® Ayurveda Light My Flame: Ignite Your Inner Vitality

Awaken your senses with Ronnefeldt LeafCup® Ayurveda Light My Flame. This unique blend is inspired by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, carefully crafted to help ignite your inner vitality and promote a sense of balance and well-being.

Immerse yourself in the warm and aromatic embrace of Light My Flame. With its harmonious combination of herbs and spices, including cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom, this blend invigorates your senses and enlivens your spirit.

Experience the transformative power of Ayurveda with each sip. The thoughtfully selected ingredients in Ronnefeldt LeafCup® Ayurveda Light My Flame are known for their energizing and rejuvenating properties. This blend aims to kindle your inner fire and support your overall vitality.

Crafted with precision and care, our Ayurveda Light My Flame blend combines the finest ingredients sourced from trusted growers. The result is a flavourful and aromatic infusion that delights the senses and nurtures your well-being.

Ronnefeldt LeafCup® Ayurveda Light My Flame is packaged in convenient, eco-friendly tea bags that preserve the freshness and flavour of the blend. Embrace the art of self-care and indulge in a cup of this revitalizing blend, whether enjoyed hot or iced.

Ignite your inner vitality with Ronnefeldt LeafCup® Ayurveda Light My Flame. Let the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda guide you towards balance and well-being. Order your pack today and embark on a journey of transformation and rejuvenation.

Organic certification:
EU/non-EU agriculture

** from organic cultivation

Reduces Vata

Find out more about your basic constitution Vata, Pitta or Kapha and what is currently particularly good for you in our Ayurveda brochure.

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